Diversity, Equity, Inclusion = Strength

Since its inception, the Flamenco Arts Festival has been committed to celebrating Hispanic culture and artistic achievements through the ancient art form of flamenco.

We achieve this through relevant and impactful performances and educational programs that increase knowledge, awareness, and appreciation not only for flamenco but for culturally diverse arts as a whole.

We are dedicated to the inclusion of performers, audience members, and organizational members and welcome those of every race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability status, citizenship status, veteran status, religion, and socio-economic background.

We are committed to providing equal access to the arts and creating affordable programs that are welcoming and supportive to all, especially children from low-income or underserved families, and eliminating any other barriers that prevent access to programs and services.

We strive to diversify the cultural arts calendar in the Santa Barbara community, promote the uniqueness of others, and build bridges of positive experiences between all people.

We value the diverse viewpoints and perspectives within our organization and promote bias-free decision making in all areas of organizational management. We also strive to diversify our infrastructure by continually removing barriers to Board of Director membership, broadening our advisory committee membership, and expanding our volunteer opportunities.