Access to the Arts

Community & Education

The Flamenco
Arts Festival (FAF)

is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the community.  The FAF believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the arts, and the FAF continues to make that a reality through its Access to the Arts (ATTA), a community and education initiative.

ATTA was established in 2001 with the goal of reducing barriers to world-class programming and expanding opportunities for the community, especially those who are underserved, to attend FAF events at little or no cost. The initiative has grown over the years and now offers arts scholarships for those who excel in the flamenco arts; dance and music programs; and concerts for children.

Please read below about the many aspects of ATTA.

Community Access Tickets

The FAF is dedicated to making the arts accessible for all. Proudly offering free or discounted tickets to diverse flamenco events, the FAF focuses on providing live performance experiences to underserved communities. By collaborating with local non-profits, the FAF ensures those most in need can access events and get the chance to engage with professional artists from around the world.

For local non-profits seeking more information, we would love to hear from you—reach out to the FAF today!

Arts Scholarship

Recognizing excellence in the flamenco arts, the FAF Board of Directors awards local artists, who display exceptional promise in the art form, scholarships to support their ongoing training and/or professional careers in the field. Please note that we are not accepting unsolicited requests at this time.

“Receiving this award is a tremendous honor. This scholarship will be extremely helpful in funding lessons and travel to rehearse with my mentors, and it will be an enormous help with my expensive costumes that will bring my appearances to another level.”
Jack Harwood

Old Spanish Days Spirit of Fiesta 2023

“My time during the FAF workshops throughout the years has been nothing but an extraordinary learning experience for me. [They have] allowed me to have these amazing opportunities to work under and experience time with renowned flamenco artists.”
Isabella Ricci

Flamenco Dancer, Workshop Attendee

“I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several of the flamenco guitar and cajon workshops that the FAF offers our community. I am appreciative of [the FAF] for bringing the best artists from Spain to perform and teach. The FAF is like a vacation to Andalucía, right here in S.B.”
George Quirin

Professional Guitarist, Workshop Attendee

Become part of our supportive community and help dreams become reality!

Dance and Music Program

We’re on a mission to enhance public understanding and appreciation of flamenco through our superior dance and music program. Open to all ages and skill levels, our workshops, led by world-renowned artists, cover the essential elements of flamenco such as dance, guitar, singing, percussion, and handclapping. From beginners to professionals, we cater to everyone, fostering a love for this ancient art form. Join us to learn from passionate international artists who are dedicated to sharing the beauty of flamenco.

Concierto Para Los Niños

This free, one-hour interactive concert for children under 12 and their families celebrates flamenco’s role in America’s cultural heritage. The bilingual event features world-class artists discussing flamenco’s rich history, dance, music, vocabulary, and the cultural ties between Spain and Santa Barbara. Children engage in post-performance activities, meet the artists, and participate in free dance and music workshops to enhance their learning experience.