Award Presentation: Javier Rodríguez Mañas


August 04, 2023


07:30 pm


Lobero Theatre, 33 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, CA


The Alberto Pizano Award for the Arts is part of the Gala Performance and will be presented by Vibiana, FAF President, immediately before the Alfonso Losa performance. Your ticket to the gala performance includes the award presentation.

Sr. Mañas is the Consul of Tourism Affairs, Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles. This award is being presented to Sr. Mañas in recognition of a lifetime of significant contributions, dedication, and commitment to the art of flamenco.

“Flamenco has always been part of my life. Fortunately, my professional choice has allowed me to weave my passion for this unique Spanish cultural art form into my work and promote Spain as a tourist destination. The Santa Barbara Flamenco Arts Festival has done a wonderful job at keeping it authentic, every year selecting elegant and genuine artists acclaimed in Spain’s recognized flamenco circles. I am happy to support such a wonderful and enjoyable event to promote my country and the art of flamenco.”

Sr. Mañas has been a friend and a major influence on the Flamenco Arts Festival and to many other flamenco organizations and individuals for the last five years. He has helped to promote the art of flamenco and Spanish culture, tradition, and history in the U.S. West Coast through his generous contributions and has added immeasurably to the success of the Flamenco Arts Festival.

Sr. Mañas will be leaving his post in Los Angeles on September 1 and his departure will be greatly felt. The FAF Board is truly grateful for his friendship, and we thank him for his generosity.

This is the only award of its kind given to flamenco artists and industry leaders in the U.S..  It was established in 2003 and named after the FAF co-founder, Alberto Pizano.

Javier Mañas joins previous award recipients Doña Cristina Hoyos (2003), Roberto Amaral (2004), Juan Talavera (2009), David Asbell (2017), and Luisa Triana (2019).