Introduction to Flamenco Cajón and Guitar Workshops


February 04, 2023


08:20 pm


Maria Bermudez Flamenco Performing Arts Studio, 215 W. Victoria, Santa Barbara, CA


Intro to Flamenco Guitar (2:00 pm – 3:30 pm): This class is for experienced guitarists with little to no flamenco training. The class will introduce the various flamenco techniques and styles appropriate to the class level. Guitars are not provided.

Intro to Flamenco Cajón – Box Drum (3:45 pm – 5:15 pm) : This class is open to everyone ages 10 and over. No previous experience required. Learn basic flamenco rhythms and techniques. The cajón, an Afro-Peruvian drum, is one of the most important percussion instruments in flamenco.

Twenty (20) cajónes will be provided, at no cost, to the first 20 registrants who need one, or bring your own. There is no guarantee a cajón will be available at the time you register.